An interactive Virtual Reality Experience.


»Skyjack71« is an interactive VR experience designed to ensure a deep sensation of presence. The story of »Skyjack71« is based on a plane hijack that took place in the US in 1971.

The hijacker, D.B. Cooper, escaped with ransom money after jumping out of the plane with a parachute. He was never caught.

In »Skyjack71« the user plays the part of D.B. Cooper.

Episodic content

The remarkable feature of the »Skyjack71« storyline is the fact that there is no set beginning or end. The episodes don’t follow any linear, chronological narrative structure: the player can decide the order in which he or she will experience the episodes.

The user searches for answers regarding the questions about D.B. Cooper’s motives and his life. He does so by re-enacting situations that lead to the skyjacking and events that could have happened after Cooper jumped.

These situations are worked up as contentwise independent episodes which are nonetheless embedded in a historical context.

Early Concept Art

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